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World Language Teachers interested in blogging and/or edmodo groups to practice language

Hero in the Mirror
Mystery Location Call Google+ Community

E-book Resource

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Great example for integration of 21st Century learning, and address our topic of global collaboration.

"Written by a team of 27 students and their teacher at Sandvika High School (Oslo, Norway), Connected Learners: A Step-by-Step Guide to Creating a Global Classroom is a unique compendium of articles, advice and how-to instructions, designed to help high school teachers and their students around the globe shift from classrooms that are isolated and teacher-centered to digitally rich environments where learning is student-driven and constantly connected to the global internet.

World Language Teachers

Tips and Resources for Interacting with Native Language Speakers -
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Links to Edmodo Teacher Created Groups: search page for 'language'
  • French/Spanish Exploratory sounds promising
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ACTFL Connection Page

Connecting through classroom blogging

Skype in the Classroom
Learner- Learner Skype Lessons (French)
#frenchchat for tweeps French Resources
Mystery Skype Canada
Skype Teacher search by grade, subject, language


Señorita Graham on Facebook
#spanstuchat to find tweeps

Genius Hour / 20% Time / Passion Time Resources (Paul Solarz):

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Mystery Skype Resources (Paul Solarz):